How To Get Predictable Results From Facebook Ads


Hey, how’s it going? It’s Chin Gregory here and in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to get predictable, consistent results from your Facebook marketing. Now, before I get into the video, please go to if you want to schedule a free strategy session with myself where I’ll help you develop a Facebook marketing game plan that will significantly grow your business’s revenue in the next 90 days. That’s and do me a favor, if you could, put it in the comment section so that anyone trying to get to that URL can see it really easy. I appreciate it. All right, today’s video. Predictable, consistent results. Now, the reason I wanted to make this video is because we had a client recently and she runs a cosmetics store. Really, really massive, very successful cosmetics company. And they’d been trying really different things at Facebook, but none of it seemed to be working.

So then they’d come to me and said, “Hey, look we’ve tried all these different things with Facebook. We’ve heard that you guys are really good Facebook specialists. Can you help us get some better results out of our market?” During our discovery meeting, I sat down with her marketing team. I said, “Well look, tell me what’s going on? What have you been doing on Facebook? Maybe I can figure out where the best place to start and try and figure out what the problems are.” And she started with the typical story, maybe some of you can relate. She said, “We heard about this idea of ways to do content and we tried it. We tried this particular audience. We tried this objective. We tried this technique.” And it kept giving me all these different ideas and then maybe you can relate, trying lots of different things or having different ideas with Facebook. But none of them do seem to work or none of them seem to stick.

And so as her and her team were just listing off all of the different things they tried, I basically said, “You know what? Let me stop you right there.” One of the worst things that you can do in Facebook, and this is not her fault, it’s a very, very common mistake that business owners make, is that having ideas when it comes to Facebook, ideas are one of the worst things you can have with Facebook marketing. Because “ideas” indicate a element of guesswork. So you’ve got an idea and you’re guessing to see if the idea works and guess work is the mother of all problems when it comes to Facebook market. And it’s something that I see most businesses do, especially the ones that struggle with their Facebook marketing. I’ll go and audit an account and I’ll be talking to the client, I’ll be talking to the business owner. And essentially they don’t really know what they’re doing. They’re just trying a lot of different things and trying to see what sticks.

The way to become extremely successful and get predictable results with Facebook is to come from a framework and specifically the scientific framework, so the scientific method. For those of you who don’t know what the scientific method is, if you think, basically how we discovered everything about the natural world is from the scientific method. And the scientific method is what scientists use, physicists, cosmologists, biologists, to discover things about the natural world. You have a hypothesis, you test that hypothesis, you gather data, and then you either expand, alter, reject, or refine the hypothesis to get something that’s a little bit better or different. And you test that again and you get more data. And this scientific method, basically, it put people on the moon, it put a supercomputer in your pocket, we’ve sequence the DNA code with the science method.

And so when I first started looking in digital marketing so many, many years ago, and then when I first started Facebook a few years ago, I wanted to apply the scientific method to the way that I ran Facebook ads. Because if scientific method can put a man on the moon and can sequence DNA, pretty sure it can figure out how to get the best Facebook marketing and get the best results for you, using Facebook. So that’s how I started. And basically that’s how I’ve been able to get such consistent results with Facebook, because whenever I start any type of Facebook campaign or Facebook marketing, I use the scientific method and essentially how that looks and how that applies to Facebook is that we take our hypothesis about what we think is going to work, whether that be an audience or a creative or a specific type of targeting or a specific hook or angle or offer.

We take that hypothesis, we test it on Facebook and we test it through iteration. And what happens is we either say, all right, well, this worked and we need to refine it, or it didn’t work, we need to alter it, or we need to reject it completely, or we need to expand the hypothesis. And we basically just apply that simple scientific method to Facebook. And essentially you want to test, if you want to go and put this into your business as well, you’re going to see that you’re basically almost always going to be guaranteed to find something that works. And the way that you want to test this out is you want to apply the scientific method, but in the order of what’s most important. And so the most important thing is the audience. So that’s the very first thing we want to test. If you’ve got an idea about, well, here’s my business, here’s my offer, I want to go and see if it works using Facebook and Instagram marketing. Well lets test out the audience because the audience makes the biggest difference.

If you imagine that you are selling diapers, let’s say you sell diapers and you have the world’s most amazing diaper. There’s no leakage, it’s completely hypoallergenic. It is made of all natural products. Kids love it. It’s great. It’s the best diaper in the world, but you go and put it in front of 22 year old male students, 20 year old male students. It doesn’t matter how great that diaper is. It’s just the wrong audience, they’re not going to buy it. And so the audience is always the first thing that you want to test. And you want to test, you want to the scientific method to test out your audience. Once you’ve tested the the audience, and you’ve got data back about whether this worked, whether it didn’t work, whether it worked a little bit, or you’ve got that data back and you can refine and tweak your hypothesis. Then you go into your offer, your angle and your hook.

And the offer, the angle and the hook is the next most important thing that you want to test out because that’s essentially, what’s the value proposition? Because what you’ve got the right audience, you still need to put the right offer in front of them. And if you can put the right offer in front of them, that makes your life very, very, very easy. And so there’s always going to be many different ways that you can present your offer, your business, your service, your products. And so once you’ve got the right audience, then you want to iterate through all the different angles and hooks that you can test when it comes to your offer, when it comes to your business and your products.

And then finally, the creative. Like a lot of people talk about creative as being really, really important. It is important, but it’s nowhere near as important as getting the offer and the audience right. Like if you get the audience right, then you get the offer right, the creatives almost secondary. And I think that that is a bit of a issue that seems to happen. I feel like it filters down from the brand advertising world where it’s all very, very, very creative heavy. Not saying creative doesn’t have a role to play, but it’s nowhere near that as important as getting the audience right. And then getting the offer right. So once you’ve tested through the audience and you’ve used the scientific method to identify the best audience, you then use the scientific method to identify the best offer, the hook, the angle, and then finally use the scientific method to identify the best creative. So that’s your images, video, headlines, copy, et cetera.

Once you’ve gone through that process, you are guaranteed to have something that works. It may not be something profitable, but for the majority of business, if you’re selling to consumers and using Facebook, you go through the scientific method. You will almost damn near be guaranteed, I’d bet money on it, that you have something that works. Now, whether that thing is profitable, that’s for another video. How to make sure it’s profitable but when you use the scientific method, especially like this, that I’ve just explained in Facebook ads. I’ve never seen it not work. So let’s kind of recap on that. How you can make sure that your Facebook marketing is always consistent and predictable. Use the scientific method and you test your hypothesis, you refine it, you alter it, you expand it or you reject it. And then once you’ve got a better hypothesis about what works, you do that process throughout your audience first, then your offer, and then finally your creative.

Now, if you found this helpful, this is the type of method that I use when I create Facebook marketing. And if you want to learn a little bit more about how this can apply your business, you can go to, where you can schedule a free strategy session with myself, and I’ll help you develop a Facebook marketing game plan that will help significantly grow your business’s revenue. But yeah, listen, I hope you enjoyed the video. I’d really love to hear your comments about it. Please comment below your number one take away. Are you using the scientific method? Are you just trying things out and seeing what works? What is the system that you’re using to run your Facebook marketing? Or maybe you’ve never run Facebook marketing before and you want to go out and try this out. I’d love to hear from you. Comment below. Well, that’s it for me in this video. My name is Chin Gregory, God bless and I’ll talk to you soon.

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