This Simple Video Hack Reduced CPA Costs By 89%


A lot of these strategies and techniques are for businesses that don’t have big video teams, right?


We can create them, like we have a video team, we have a big production team, we’ve got editors, we can create whatever we want. So we can test loads of different things. I wanted to give you a strategy that any of you can just go and put out for and start making tomorrow with content. But if you want to try other pieces of content, like if you want to make an animation, if you want to make something big budget, you want to make something a bit more fun with graphics. Graphics work great for us, like we do a lot of strange and different things. And you can make your videos more interesting. So the one where I gave you was being very specific to your audience and being a little bit more personable, but you could also make content and you can make videos that just interesting, right?


So we’re in London… I’ll give you an example. We made an ad about one of the campaigns we’re running is for businesses that sell to the affluent, right? So we made an ad about postcodes. The hook of our ad was what’s the most valuable postcode to advertise in London, right? And that ad started off… The first version of the ad was just myself talking [inaudible 00:01:13] what’s the most valuable postcode in London? Is a [inaudible 00:01:16]? Is it Mayfair? Is it Knightsbridge? No, it’s not, it’s iOS. And so that was kind of like how we were… That was our hook. We ran the ad and it did okay.

We got an idea. And we said, you know what? This is boring, right? It’s just myself talking. Let’s just change it. And so what we did is we went out into London and instead of saying, is it Mayfair, is it Knightsbridge? We went to all the street signs that said Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and just had the shot change from me to a street sign. It took us 20 minutes to do in the afternoon. That ad is now our best performing ad, by a very long way. We were getting leads before eight pounds per lead. That ad is now giving us leads under a pound. Just the same content, but a better ad. Because we didn’t say anything different, we just made it more interesting.

So there is definitely a level of trying to make your stuff more interesting and being creative and having… And so what I’m talking about now is more of a… It will make sense for you because you’re a creative agency, like my video team is great. They know the beats of the video, they know how to change shots. So we have a creative agency, so we can… We have a creative team so we can change things to make video better. Some of you may not have that capability so I gave you how to do it just on your own, which will still work. But, we went from eight pound a lead, which is fine. Our cutoff is 30, so we know anything under 30 we’re winning. We went from eight pound a lead to a pound a lead, just by changing the ad. Same content, same audience, same everything.

So in your, for you, you may have interesting ways that you want to create content. You may have interesting, cool ideas and inspirational, aspirational, motivation above all else entertaining, right? We call it edutainment, right? Educate, entertain. One of my mentors, entertain, educate, execute, right? That’s how… That’s his three for the videos, right? You entertain, you educate, you execute. Nothing beats curiosity, nothing beats entertainment, right? You always…

If you can become the show, not the advert, you’re going to win. So if you’re the commercial the [inaudible 00:03:26]… If you’re watching, you said This Is Us, my one’s Game of Thrones which is coming back in a few weeks. Like as soon as the commercial comes on, I’m going to do something else, right? And that’s most businesses are the commercial. But if you can become the show, people tune in regardless of what you have to say. And so if you have their attention you can figure out a way to fit in your message into something they find interesting. So if people just find you entertaining or find your content entertaining, fun, interesting, then you can almost say anything as long as you’ve got their attention.

So start off with what you can do. But as you get more comfortable with video, like just start trying to do stuff that’s entertaining, that’s different, that’s engaging. Because if you… The danger is, well, I’m not good on video, or I don’t want to make a fool of ourselves, we don’t want to damage our company’s brand. If you’re spending a pound a day and you’re making enough videos, very few people will see it. So if it bombs, not a lot of people saw it, it’s fine, you go onto the next one. If you’re making enough content that nobody ever notices your bombs, then that’s fine. Because you’re going to have winners that are going to grow this, grow your business. So one unicorn, we have a unicorn that is driving people into our custom audience for 0.004 cents. And that unicorn has been running since August. It’s the same video that has been running since August, that is driving customers to our business. And it’s just running online.

And we have some other clients who have unicorns that are driving, they’ve been running for a year because it just keeps working. So play around with it, be creative, have fun with it. If you’re having fun, your audience will have fun. Try and keep it as entertaining as possible is what I’m saying.

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