How To Build Your Brand On Social Media In 3 Steps


How do you build your brand on social media? To build your brand, you need three things. You need to get attention, give value, and then make an offer. The thing is, you can’t get these three things in the wrong order because if you make offers first without the first two, then essentially you’re just one of those people that just sell, sell, sell. People love to buy, they just hate being sold to. Now, if you try and give value right before you got attention, they don’t know who you are. Your audience has no idea who you are. Yeah, cool, it might be a good piece of value but what is going to make them listen to you. The first thing you have to do is you go out and get their attention. To get their attention, you have to give helpful, useful things to your audience. Stuff that your audience finds helpful and useful, and it’s got to be concise. Something that they can consume in 90 seconds or they can read in 90 seconds or less. Anything that’s too wordy or too long, that’s not going to be very helpful for them.

Now, once you’ve got their attention, the second thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to build value by making them know, like, and trust you. When I say know, like, and trust you, who are you? What’s your story? What are the things about you that are different? What’s happened in your life? People buy from people that they like and so you’ve got to tell stories, you got to get content, and you’ve got to talk about your experiences. You have to motivate them.

Then the trust part is you’ve got to actually help them. That’s a section I feel like sometimes people make a mistake with. They don’t actually help their clients. I had this weird limiting belief, this weird insecurity that nobody wanted to listen to me. I was really afraid of making a fool out of myself on social media.

It wasn’t until I sat down with a friend of mine, Dan Luck, and he was like, “Dude, why aren’t you more active on social media? Why aren’t you helping people?” I kept making excuses. I kept saying reasons why I didn’t want to do it but it all came down to the fact that I just didn’t think my stuff was valuable enough. I didn’t think that I could help people. He said, “Look, you got a really valuable story. You’re a very successful entrepreneur. You can help people, just help one person. Don’t worry about everybody else. Just try and put out a message that helps one person.” Just that little change. Just that little change allowed me to focus and say, “All right, do you know what? I’m just going to help one person, see if I can help one person.” That completely opened me up to being able to be a lot more active on social media. That’s know, like, and trust. You’ve got to get them to know, like, and trust you.

Then finally, you’ve got to make an offer. Here’s the thing, once you’ve done the first two, once you’ve got their attention. You’ve brought value by making them know, like, and trust you, making the offer’s really easy because at this point, they know who you are. All you do to make an offer is say, “Hey, if you need help with this, here’s how I can help you. Do you what’s best? DM me, private message me.” Because people like to stay in the ecosystem of where it’s Facebook, or LinkedIn, or YouTube, or Instagram. You make your offer, tell them what you’ve got and say, “Hey, if you want me to help you with this, send me a message.” At that point, just have the conversation. You’ve done it before, whether you’ve been at a party or an event and someone’s asked you what you’ve done you’ve told them what you’ve done. You could say, “I help marriages or I’m a business coach, or fitness and lifestyle consultant.” Whatever it is. At this point, you’ve made the offer. It’s easy. You just helped them.

Hopefully that’s been pretty helpful for you. If you’re trying to build your brand on social media, remember those are the three things that you need. Get their attention, give the value of making them know, like, and trust you and then make them offers. Other than that, I hope you find this helpful. Please comment below. I’d love to see your experience with this and you know how you’re building your brand. God bless and I’ll talk to you later.


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