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You want at least 30% of the impressions to watch three seconds minimum, right? If it’s less than three seconds, people are just scrolling partial video. Reach just means it was shown to their account. Impression means they actually watched it three seconds or more. So if people are just scrolling past it, then your hook didn’t work because you didn’t even get them to stop the scroll. Then you want 50% of 10 second views of the impressions. So whatever your 10 second views are, they should be 50% or more of the impressions. So that means that 50% or more of people that watch the three seconds got to the 10 second stage. If it’s less, it’s not a good video.

So the views is 10 seconds. Is that 50%?

Yeah. Let me draw it out again because I messed up. Sorry. I messed up. So it’s reach.

[inaudible 00:01:00] percentage.

Impressions. It’s also called views. Yeah, it gets a bit complicated. 10 second views. VTR, which is the view through rates. No, sorry. Views percentage, sorry. Okay. All right.

So reach is every account it goes to. This needs to be 30% of that. So your impressions needs to be at least 30% of reach. Then your views need to be at least 50% of the impressions.

The impressions or the reach?

The impressions. And then finally you want minimum 15 seconds or more. That looks like two S’s. It looks like S’s. You don’t want that. 15 seconds. This is why I asked you if you could read my handwriting. It’s appalling.

And then you want how much people watch the video to be 15 seconds or more, because the average watch time on Facebook and Instagram is six seconds. So you are looking for unicorns. And the reason why you’re looking for unicorns is that you’re only spending one pound a day per piece of content, so you’re spending a lot and that’s why volume works. So you’re putting out lots of pieces of content. You’re spending a maximum of seven pounds on that content. As soon as one of those videos has 30% impression, 50% 10 second views or more, and 15 seconds or more, that’s a unicorn. That video is doing well. So now you go from spending one pound a day to spending five pound a day on that video. Because remember that that video is driving your audiences below. So if that video is doing well and more than 50% of people that get there are getting through to the 10 second stage, you create a custom audience of everybody that’s watched 10 seconds or more. So if that video is doing well, show it to more people, you grow your top of funnel audience, which feeds the rest of your system.

So how much percent is the bottom one?

Sorry. That’s 15 seconds.

Percentage of people… Is there a percentage [Crosstalk 00:03:09] for that?

No. Ignore that.


I haven’t eaten for a while, so my brain started to get mush.

What one?

15 seconds. So, that’s a unicorn. If someone’s watched 15 seconds of video, it’s very good on Facebook. If they’ve watched 15 seconds, and that’s the average. So that’s the average watch time of that video. If they’ve watched 15 seconds, it’s very good.

Now, a business insider did a very, very good study where they found that this is for the B2B people, that they use a metric of 30 seconds for this, but they’re putting out millions of views. For us, if we put out 30 seconds and you’re only spending a little money, your audience is going to be so small. As your audience starts to get bigger, you want to change these metrics to be more engaged. So business insider, their metric now is 30 seconds. So that’s how they track whether it’s a unicorn or not based on 30 seconds.

Our videos, we’re tracking 30 seconds. A lot of our videos get over 30 seconds. Because we’ve been making so many, we kind of got the system down. So now we know that a unicorn for us is 30 seconds. So as your videos get better, these stats will change, and as you get better making, and as your audience get better, these stats will change. So if you put out video and only 10% of people watched it, you know that you either have a problem with your audience or the content is bad. So you could either change the content or test a different audience. Nine times out of 10, it’s usually the content, because if you’re doing top of funnel content, even if it’s the wrong audience, if the content is good content, some people will watch it anyway. So if that’s below 30%, it’s generally a content issue.

50% means it’s a… So, if that’s less than 50%, then it’s an audience match issue. So you could get 50% of the people watched three seconds, which means you got a great piece of content and you have a great hook. But after three seconds, if they all drop off before it gets to 10 seconds, that means it’s not relevant to them, so that means that you now know that that’s the wrong audience. Now you’ve got good content, we’ve got the wrong audience. So now you want to change the audience up. So knowing these stats allow you to know what videos you’re creating and when, and what videos are going to be working and when. And you always want to look out for… You’re looking for your unicorns. Those unicorns are the things that will grow your business.


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